kevinmchale Dat fire 🔥 @jennaushkowitz @jacobartist

becbecbobec When @jennaushkowitz and I play “Who’s Taller?”

The fireball gang y’all

seeing jay and bey ‘On The Run’. @shaym #tbt

Anonymous SAID:
What are your instagrams?

jartistnews doesn’t have an instagram. 

Anonymous SAID:
... Why would you post pictures from it if you won't tell people?

that’s not the point. we just happen to stumble across the photo on instagram. now jenna is still a teenager and i think at that age we should respect her privacy. just because she has a brother on a tv show doesn’t mean crazy fans should start stalking her and looking at her personal pics. i hope you understand. 

Anonymous SAID:
What's her Instagram?

i am not sure if I feel comfortable giving it away since she’s pretty young. 

Anonymous SAID:
Where did you get the picture of him and his sister?

jenna’s instagram 

Anonymous SAID:
Is that his sister?


Los Angeles, California