Wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday, @jacobartist!!! Miss you!!

kevinmchale Dear Jeezaaa @jacobartist, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 馃憪馃憪 so happy you鈥檙e old enough to drive now.

Happy birthday to this little dweeb,聽@jacobartist. I never knew I could love someone who was born in the 90s as deeply as I do you.

Ugggh Happy Birthday聽@jacobartist

happy birthday best friend

Happy Birthday to one of my absolute favorites,聽@jacobartist! I love U my skt. So happy you came dancing into my life. There’s no one who makes me laugh harder and no one who laughs more than you.聽聽so grateful for your friendship, kindness and all of our ridiculously fun times. Can’t wait to celebrate with you again this year.聽#lofts#yas#skt#yolo#cht#curbside